9.7 People Willing to Answer RTW Questions

This site no longer has a group of volunteers to answer questions, but feel free to send them to me with "RTW Questions" in the subject, so that I can distinguish it from my personal email. If you have an itinerary, please list where and when, even if you aren't asking questions about it.

There are a few active discussion groups that I highly recommend: Travelling around the world at Yahoo Groups, Lonely Planet's Gap Year & RTW Forum, and Round the World Travel Forum at Travellers Point.

Also, you will want to have a look at the newsgroups, especially rec.travel.budget.backpack.

If you are looking for country-specific information, there are people willing to answer questions at Travel Community Online, ThoughtCo, and at The TravelNotes. Many are expats or travellers who have been there, not people who grew up there.

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