2.8 Bicycling

Bicycles are available for rent in many places. You may want to consider doing this for a short period of time in places where you do not need to cover huge distances (Europe), or as an occasional recreational activity. Rentals are almost as a rule in dreadful condition.

"You might want to take your own saddle and buy a used bike and then sell it when you leave the country. Prices in China for a used bike start at $20, then $10 more to have it overhauled." <Davy Davis>

"According to two friends of ours, this is THE best way to see the world. They said that sometimes getting from place to place was difficult because people would invite them to stay with them all the time. In Fiji our friends said most of the time they would just wave and not stop, otherwise they would end up having to stay in every village and house along the road. Nevertheless, they have met many more local people on their 8 month trip than we did going by public transportation." <Eberhard Brunner>

"I would back this up, and add further that you DON'T need to be fit or strong to do it. A good cycle will cater for almost anyone, and your fitness will improve en-route. You can really fall in love with the pace and the feeling. I cycled Sydney to Brisbane with no cycling experience to talk of, extremely unfit, arthritic knees and a head-wind all the way. I spent a month doing it, working along the way at organic farms, and I would not trade the experience for anything. It took me 28 days at a relaxed and comfortable pace. Great country by the way!" <Bernd Wechner>

"Around the World on a Bicycle" by Thomas Stevens (1984).

"Bicycle Touring International: The Complete Book on Adventure Cycling" by K. Nasr

"A Bike Ride: 12,000 Miles Around The World" by Anne Mustoe

"Journey: A Bicycle Odyssey Through Central Asia" by Alan Nichols (1991).

"Miles From Nowhere: A Round-The-World Bicycle Adventure" by Barbara Savage (1983).

"Pedaling the Ends of the Earth" by David Duncan (1985).

"The Road of Dreams: A Two-Year Bicycling & Hiking Adventure Around the World" by Bruce Junek (1991).

"The Road That Has No End" by Tim & Cindie Travis (2005).

"Round the World on a Wheel: Being a Narrative of a Bicycle Ride" by John Foster Fraser (1982).

"Tales of A Travelling Man: Eight-Year Round-the-World Cycling Odyssey" by Bernie Howgate

"Travels with Rosinante: Five Years Cycling Around the World" by Bernard Magnouloux (1988).

"Frank van Rijn wrote several books about his bycycle trips over the world. Each book covers a continent. Currently he has cycled through all the continents but Australia and Antarctica. The former is being planned. Highlights are his trips through the Sahara Desert and the tropical rain forests of the Amazon. I do not know about their availability in English, but they are available in Dutch. They are great!" <Jeroen Houtzager>


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